Professional Experience in teaching the plastic arts

All these years of teaching have been a source of inspiration, of personal development and of satisfaction. I wanted to share my passion for art because for me it has always been the road to achievement and to happiness.
2001 – 2009 University of  Laval, La Fabrique Building, School of the Visual Arts, Quebec

Instructor and Practicum Supervisor

  • Undergraduate courses  for the B.Ed in the teaching of art at elementary and secondary levels
  • Masters program courses for graduates on the teaching of the plastic arts at college level
  • Supervision and  organization  of practicums in teaching the plastic  arts at college, secondary and elementary levels. The diverse techniques and approaches used followed the guidelines of vicual-arts programming
1992 – 2001
University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières

Sessional Lecturer

  • In the Department of Educational Theory (teaching of the plastic arts to elementary-level students)
  • In the Department of Plastic Arts (teaching of the plastic arts to secondary-level students)
1997 – 2000
Cultural Centre, Thetford-Mines

Teacher of Drawing and Painting

  • Young and mature students
  • Private lessons for  young teenagers
1979 à-1994 Outaouais College

Professor in the Department of the Plastic Arts

Courses taught  were aimed at students enrolled in the plastic arts, in interior design and in other complementary  courses in drawing and painting.

I  taught courses on the following subjects :

  • Color
  • Plastic language
  • Technique and Materials
  • Technical design
  • Observational drawing
  • Pictorial  Expression
  • Various complementary courses in drawing and painting

In addition, I was in charge of  organizing the annual exhibitions.

1976 – 1979 School Boards Teacher specializing in teaching  the plastic arts at primary and secondary levels