I am delighted to welcome you to this website, designed to introduce my work to you. As you visit, you will discover that my strong feeling for nature leads me to produce works that showcase the flora and fauna of Quebec.

Sylvia AudetIn fact, I am greatly influenced by the natural environment, and water in its every form, be it ice, snow or cloud, pervades my paintings. I explore the tiniest subtleties of light, the contrasts and the details omnipresent in nature. The animals in my paintings are very much at peace. The seasons, the moods of Mother Nature and the changing intensity of light are a constant source of wonder to me. My passion for nature springs from my deep conviction that it is a basic human need.

The first part of the site exhibits my more recent works, some of which are available for sale. Next comes the story of my artistic development and its intertwining with my life experiences, my enthusiasms and my lifelong interests.

To sum up, I invite you to explore my world and even to acquire a part of it from among those of my works that are available for purchase.

Before you embark on your visit to the site, please understand that I paint for the pleasure of painting.


Sylvia Audet