The artist

Sylvia Audet, artiste-peintreI was born in Lake Megantic and spent my childhood surrounded by lakes and mountains. While at school, I learned piano, which I later taught. From that experience I acquired a love of teaching, which led me to take a degree in the teaching of the plastic arts. In so doing I put into practice my two passions: teaching and the plastic arts.

Later, I held positions in the teaching of art at the elementary, secondary and college levels in various parts of Quebec. At the same time I put on exhibitions of engraving, drawing and painting.

Finally, my studies at the master’s and doctoral levels led me to teaching at university, where I worked as a sessional lecturer in the teaching of art at the University of Quebec at Trois –Rivières and later full time at the University of Laval, organizing students’ practicums. Thus I shared my passion for art with both young people and adults.

I have recently moved to the lovely area of Victoriaville, where the landscape gives me inspiration, and I try to highlight its particular beauty. I like to paint things I see and know, without turning my back on my interests, my passions or my roots.