Early works

These few paintings are a sample of my early works. They speak of my interests and tell the story of my artistic progress. They go back as far as my training at the University of Quebec in Montreal, although my interest in painting dates from my early childhood.
I will never forget a professor who pointed out to me one day that all great painters were excellent draughtsmen. From that moment on I put much more effort into my drawing in order to master the art. I also used different techniques like oils, pencil sketching, water-colour, silkscreening, etching , batik and acrylic.
I have always been interested in composition and themes, in light and colour, in visual textures, harmony and the illusion of general depth. By combining these elements I strive for harmonious paintings that will reflect my love of nature.

Some paintings from …

2000 up to 2009

1990 up to 1999

1980 up to 1989

1970 up to 1979